Longing for Orpheus
Longing for Orpheus

Songs without names...

Update 10/4/13 - Thanks to Dor M. for "Unearthed", Bobby R. for "Tracing Inspiration", and Kimberley R. for "Spellbound"...I've updated the preview titles below so you can see which goes with which...

Update 10/1/13 - Thanks to all who submitted name ideas...the final polishing of the album is taking a little longer than hoped, but it's almost done, and we'll be announcing the final titles of these songs soon!

If you'd like to suggest a title for one or more of these songs, which will be released on an upcoming album (tentatively named "Echoes of Somnia"), just type your suggestions in the text boxes below the songs, enter your contact information, and click "Submit." Contact information is completely optional, but we won't know who to thank if you don't tell us...

  • The plan is to keep submissions open through the end of August...hopefully, the mixing and mastering of the album will be about done by then, and it'll be time to finalize everything. However, if good ideas are streaming in and there's still production work to do, this page may stay available a little longer.
  • This isn't a contest; There are no prizes to be won, and no royalties or compensation will be provided if your submission is used. It's just an opportunity to voice your ideas, and perhaps be able to tell people you named a song.
  • If your submission is used, we'll send you an email at the address you provided in the form asking if it's okay to thank you by name to a public audience (i.e., on this website and Facebook). If we don't hear back from you within a few days, we'll assume you'd prefer to remain anonymous. So, be sure orphicmusic.com is on your safe list, or check your junk folder regularly.

Longing for Orpheus | After Enigma
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Photographs by George Bosela and Sara Nevalainen